How to choose your kite

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Starting off we have one of the most exciting new kites in our range, the Rally GT V1. The Rally GT is an evolution of one of our most popular kites ever, the Rally. The Rally GT is a low aspect three strut design that has been optimized to deliver a massive wind range, incredible upwind performance and all condition versatility. If you are a new kiteboarder looking for a kite that you can progress on or simply looking for a kite that can do everything, the Rally GT is the kite for you.


Next up we have the Raptor V1. The Raptor is an entirely new kite in our range and one of the most welcomed additions. The Raptor is a medium to high aspect, five strut kite, that is designed to provide hero level boosting and hangtime. This kite has incredible range and handles heavy winds and gusts especially well. The Raptor is built on an open C hybrid platform, which gives the rider a great feel of the bar while still having next level up wind performance and water relaunch. If you are looking for a kite for high performance freeride or big air boosting, look no further than the Raptor.


Now we will move on to the SST V5. The SST is a staple in our range and perhaps one of the most critically acclaimed kites Slingshot has ever produced. Every aspect of the SST has been tailored to deliver top of the line performance. With an incredibly fast turning speed and insane drift, It truly defines the category. The SST is built on top of three strut compact C profile. This framework is perfectly tuned to provide pivotal turning even when you are sheeted out on the bar. All of these performance attributes create an amazing wave kite and also lend themselves to foiling performance. If you’re a dedicated wave rider or a free rider looking for wave and foiling performance, the SST is probably going to give you all the performance you need and then some.


Definitely the most famous kite in our range, the RPM returns in its 12th iteration. For more than a decade, the RPM has served as the benchmark for performance kiteboarding kites. It’s rock solid stability and magical bar feel has made learning tricks of all disciplines a cinch. Last year we adjusted the RPM to provide faster turning speeds and more hang time. It retains its three strut modified open C shape from years past so that continues to be the kite that will accelerate your progression. If you are looking for a kite that can keep up with whatever you would throw at it, the RPM will help you on your journey to become the best kiteboarder you can be.


Here we are looking at the Turbine V10. The Turbine is our dedicated light wind solution. The five strut, open Delta C, shape focuses on efficiency and its higher aspect design ensures that if there is wind, you will be able to ride and stay upwind. The Turbine’s highly tuned shape and profile also deliver amazing range and water relaunch. This is especially useful when the wind picks up, or if you are to crash your kite in those marginal conditions. The Turbine has been a session-saving insurance policy for over a decade. If you need a light wind kite, the Turbine is the best choice.,


New for 2020 we are proud to introduce the Ghost V1. The Ghost is our foray into the single struck category and we’re stoked on how this kite turned out. Developed to deliver great drift, great range, and incredible turning speed, the Ghost is a premium free ride kite and an exceptional foiling platform. This compact, swept C, shape provides amazing range and exceptional drift while the one strut eliminates unnecessary weight to provide feather-light handling and response. If you are looking for a simple kite that delivers incredible performance with or without a foil, that Ghost can be your new friendly companion. All the kites in our 2020 range feature our 4×4 canopy tech, which is the stiffest and strongest canopy material on the market. They also feature a split strut to ensure our kites are stiffer and more structurally sound than the competition. Also featured on all of our kites is our one pump speed system, which is one of the most widely used and replicated pieces of Slingshot’s innovations. So if you’re in the market for a kite, look no further than Slingshot. We definitely have something for everyone.