THE HOVER GLIDE MODULAR FOIL PLATFORM FOR WINDFOILING HAS SEVERAL DIFFERENT FRONT WINGS THAT ALL PERFORM DIFFERENTLY. FIND OUT WHICH HYDROFOIL WING IS BEST FOR YOU. Slingshot Windsurfing Brand Manager Wyatt Miller is here to give you a detailed breakdown of four of Slingshot’s current wind foiling wings (Infinity 84, Infinity 76, Infinity 65 and Warp Speed). Whether you’re just getting into foiling or are an expert, Wyatt’s level of knowledge of the product and how each difference in design translates to performance is invaluable information. The Hover Glide can be tailored for high-performance use in 5 sports. Use our Wing Selector tool to get the exact information on Windfoiling and the other sports that interest you. Here is the transcript: Hey guys, I’m Wyatt Miller. I’

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