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Slic Chocolates
Slic Chocolates

SLIC CHOCOLATE (Squat.Lift.Innovate.Create)

The only functional performance chocolate using the highest and purest quality ingredients. 

  • 1X EXPRESSO SHOT is a 62% dark Chocolate with 1X Espresso that equals 90mg of 100% natural caffeine in addition to creatine and BCAA. (No Taurine or synthetic additives)
  • 2X EXPRESSO SHOT is a 62% dark Chocolate with 2X Espresso that equals 180mg of 100% natural caffeine in addition to creatine and BCAA. ( no taurine or synthetic chemicals)

The product is Gluten free, Vegan and Dairy free. 
Made for the Entrepreneur, Athlete, Crossfitter, Adventurer, Explorer,Voyager, Wonderer, Pioneer and the Daredevil in you. 

An artesian handmade chocolate bar created after a year of research and recipes to find the best coffee and cacao bean that can compliment each other to create the best flavor to suit all palates especially for the chocolate and coffee lovers. 
SLIC perfected the art of not comprimising on the active ingredients and keeping the aroma and intensity of the coffee so anytime you open a pack. its just like a freshly brewed espresso. 

SLIC uses:
*62% Finest Dark Swiss chocolate, (Ghana Cacao Bean kernel, not compound)
*Brazilian Rainforest sustainable Speciality Coffee (Not synthetic or caffeine extract) This selected Brazilian coffee is an Exclusive lot harvest and SLIC is the only exclusive chocolate using this high quality coffee bean that is roasted in Dubai. 
*100% Pure Creatine Monohydrate ( No additives, fillers or preservatives)
*BCAA. ( Amino acids) 

SLIC is a functional chocolate bar meaning that it has multiple functions that contribute to improved performance and alertness.
Each ingredient plays a different role in delivering unparalleled effectiveness.
SLIC's method of adding the speciality coffee with the chocolate delivers higher levels of phenols than the brewed coffee, making it full of antioxidants (namely, “dietary phenolic compounds,") 
The flavanol-enriched Cacao kernel from Ghana is renowned to be superior no other food on Earth can match cocoa’s unique blend of flavanols. 
The creatine monohydrate is scientifically proven to deliver better performance and the Branched Chained Amino Acids (BCAA) is a the king supplement for recovery.

So there you go, a chocolate bar for all the go getters with undisputed functionality. 
Most importantly is that it taste out of this world. 

Health Warning: Not recommended for children under 16 years of age, lactating or pregnant women or people with sensitivity to coffee.

Keep cool in dry place not exceeding 18c-22c.

*Minimum order of 5 pieces.

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